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Will You

August 4th, 2007 · No Comments

June. The start of Summer. Well that it unless you live in the UK in which case it was the start of the monsoon season which seems to have finally blown over.

Anyway we’re onto the last leg of the Twenty Steps recap and June had it’s fair share of posts that are worth sharing.

  • June Is Busting Out All Over – A complete revamp of Twenty Steps in terms of design but also the adopting of the DoFollow movement.
  • Disclosure Argument Rumbles On – More coverage of the whole business of disclosure including a ridiculous example of overkill. Was this really a couple of months ago? How time flies…
  • Blog Profits Blueprint Review – I’ve got a stack of RSS feeds and emails from Yaro to catch up on but it sounds like his blog mentoring project has been a huge success. Once I finally catch up I’ll post a recap.
  • Train of Thought – It’s so easy to assume that people know the same as you do. They don’t and this is a good example.
  • Setting Expectations – I’ve been a bit guilty of failing my own advice recently because I’ve not been posting regularly. Obviously losing my computer for best part of a week didn’t help but I’ve been slack in updating so I’m making a mental note to improve that.
  • Does DoFollow Increase Your Comments? – I’m still of the opinion that using the DoFollow plugin does increase your comments but even if it didn’t I’d still use it. Why not reward your commenters with a little bit of link love?

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