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Welcome to Twenty Steps

August 5th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Well this is it. The first post on the new Twenty Steps website. I guess I’d better explain a little bit more about the site and what it’s all about. There is a brief explanation in the About page but I’ll go into a little more detail here.

The purpose of Twenty Steps is to record my year long quest to make a million dollars using the internet. I’ve looked at the various “Get Rich Quick” schemes online and, to be honest, the majority of them leave me cold. It would appear that you need money to make money. Well that’s all well and good if you’ve got the money in the first place!

I’m an out of work actor so my cashflow is more of a cashtrickle. What money I have got is spent on rent and food. I’ve not bought any new clothes for over 2 years! I’m not going to go all Alex Tew here and say the sole purpose of the site is to buy new socks but, hey, new socks would be good.

By the way, the pun above was intended 😉

A large part of Twenty Steps will be The Challenge – A game of double or quits with a million dollars at stake. I will start reporting on the progress of The Challenge over the next few days.

So that’s it. The first post done and dusted. Now I just need to write some more.

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