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These Arms Of Mine

August 3rd, 2007 · 2 Comments

After all the fun of being on the set of a multi million dollar movie for most of the previous month, March was back to normal. Whatever normal is….Anyway I looked at web browsers, Digg, AdSense, blogging awards. Oh heck, just click on the link and read them yourself 😉

  • How Firefox Improved My Sex Life 300% – This was a bit of a tongue in cheek response to an article on Copyblogger. It was all a bit of fun but Firefox does really improve your sex life. No. Honest…
  • Death of Digg – I’m not sure whether it’s because there are more social bookmarking/voting sites available but Digg definitely doesn’t seem to be getting as much press as it once did.
  • 2007 Bloggies – I’ve given up on paying any attention to these awards now. They’re all pretty much fixed and it seems that political blogs always win.
  • New AdSense Model – Technically it was actually the new AdSense Referral model but there you go. It’s finally available in the UK and I’m going to start having a play around with it over the next few months. Has anyone else given it a whirl yet?
  • Is it always possible to make SEO sexy? – Sadly the carpet cleaning guy has decided to close down the website as he’s retiring to Spain so I never got round to making ‘Debbie Does Dalton’. :sigh:
  • Creating the ultimate WordPress robots.txt file – This is another one that I need to readdress following Big G’s tweaking of the algorithm regarding supplemental results. I still think it works well to stop them from accessing posts from multiple areas but I’m not sure if it’s working quite as well as I’d hoped.
  • How a blog search could cost you your dream job – There have been a number of stories in the UK newspapers recently about this, particularly referencing Facebook.

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  • Carpet Cleaning NJ // Mar 15, 2008 at 4:41 am

    Do you think that a carpet cleaner should be able to promote his business with a website? How would people know his site is there? Is it important to blog about carpet cleaning?

  • Mike // Mar 18, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    The key thing is to do some research on search volumes and tailor your site to them. Have a look at vertical markets for inbound links and the most important thing…don’t drop comments on other peoples blogs leaving anchor text 😉