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The machine that goes PING!

August 13th, 2006 · 1 Comment

No, not the one from The Meaning of Life, but services that notify other sites when you’ve updated your blog. Thanks to Blog Bloke for notifying me of Pingoat. I’ve now added that to my exhaustive list which stands at…erm…3. Pingoat, Ping-O-Matic and Feedshark.

For WordPress users, there’s a couple of other resources listed in the article about SEO for WordPress on the main WordPress site.

Word of caution : There are some overlaps so be careful when pinging that you don’t resubmit otherwise you could end up being accused of the topic of another Monty Python sketch. Spam!

I just realised how lazy I was by not giving you a list of the sites these 3 ping for you along with the duplicates so, since I’m such a nice guy, here you go.

Pingoat pings the following services

The only extra site that Ping-O-Matic pings is WeBlogALot which has a PR7 so probably worth making the trip to Ping-O-Matic just for that one.

If you’re starting with Pingoat, the only sites you need to highlight at Feedshark are the following although Feedshark also has RSS feed sites and ones which accept podcasts too so probably worth doubling up.

Daypop – currently unavailable
Blog Census
Read A Blog

Truth Laid Bear

Hope that helps. I’m off for a lie down now. My head hurts.

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