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The Challenge – Update Feb 07

February 23rd, 2007 · No Comments

As you’ll probably have noticed by now, I haven’t done much with The Challenge since August. To be honest, I kind of lost interest in the project. There was an amazing level of scepticism about the concept from everyone I spoke to about it. People assumed there was some kind of catch and in the end I couldn’t be bothered to argue.

So I’ve taken down the running total that has been in place in the sidebar since the site started and put The Challenge on the backburner for a while. I’m not saying that I won’t revisit it again at a later date but, for the moment, it’s not on my priority list. As I said at the beginning of the year, I need to ditch the dead wood and focus on generating regular revenue through my existing sites.

I’ve left the banner up for Help Me 2 Help You, the winner of the Step Three, because I stated that the ad block would stay in place for the life of this site and a promise is a promise.

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