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The Balance

August 6th, 2006 · 3 Comments

Throughout a lot of my posts on here you’ll find that I talk about The Balance. What is it? What does it mean? Well this post should explain things.

The Balance is simple. It’s about striking the balance between becoming addicted to making money online and having a real life. Now this may sound pretty obvious but, trust me on this, it’s not.

When you first see the light and realise that the internet is a world of opportunity and a chance for you to make some money, the chances are that you’ll dedicate every waking hour thinking about ways of making money. Your mind will be buzzing with opportunities and, if like me, you’re a saddo who hasn’t got a partner and spends more time than is strictly healthy on the internet, you’ll end up dreaming of ideas and your dreams will be in the format of HTML pages.

Stop now!

The internet is, indeed, a world of opportunity but get a life. You need to strike the proper balance between trying to earn some money online and your friends and family.

I made the fatal mistake of becoming so wrapped up in my online enterprises that I completely lost track of the real world. That seems such a ridiculous thing to say but when I share some of the knowledge I’ve picked up over the next few weeks you’ll understand why. The simplicity of earning money online is such that you become obsessed by it.

Make sure that regardless of what you do that you maintain a proper life-work balance. You may well have a full-time job which pays your bills and you’re looking at ways of making some extra money online but do not forget that you have a wife/husband at home. Lose sight of that and no matter how much money you earn you will not be happy.

Dedicate a set amount of time per day/week/month to your online projects and ensure that you stick to it. Hey – I’m lucky/unlucky – I’m single with no commitments so can spend as much time as I like on this but you’re not. Let me be the one who makes the mistakes and then gives you my pearls of wisdom so you don’t have to go through the same shit.

Believe me when I say that there is money to be made on the internet. I might not be the best “guru” to choose to guide you but at least by watching my fuck ups you can see which paths to avoid 😀

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