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Text Link Ads on YouTube

March 5th, 2007 · 2 Comments

The guys at Text Link Ads have put together a YouTube advert looking to get new web publishers and advertisers on board.

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Text Link Ads on YouTube
This is an interesting method of getting new customers and I think more companies will start to take this approach to attract not only advertisers but also to encourage publishers to sign up.

I’ve only been actively involved in web marketing for the last 9 months or so but I have seen an explosion in potential partners from both a publishers perspective and an advertisers perspective. Sure, Google are running away with massive market share at the moment but Yahoo! are looking to put some serious weight behind their own PPC model and, from what I can see, TLA are attracting new business at a phenomenal rate and are starting to make some serious waves.

As I said last week, I’ve just joined them as a publisher so have no experience from an advertisers perspective but they are currently offering a $100 in Free Text Link Ads starter kit for new customers so I’m now tempted to go down this route for my PPC campaign next month.

I’ve only ever heard good things about Text Link Ads so I would be interested to hear peoples feedback about them either positive or negative.

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