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Step Three

August 22nd, 2006 · 2 Comments

Who will pay me $8 for the ad block on the front page? The one just under the Challenge thermometer. An ad block which will be displayed on every page within Twenty Steps for the duration of the site.

Hold on a second, Mike. Didn’t I read in your Origins of The Challenge post that you’d dismissed the idea of selling adverts?

Yes you did but then I received an email yesterday which made me change my mind.

I don’t know how anyone else approaches brainstorming new ideas for making money. I’m quite slow and methodical when it comes to these things. My old business partner Bill would tell you that I procrastinate. I like to call it planning. Whatever you call it, I normally take a little time to make sure I’ve run the idea through all of my internal filters before going ahead. That was certainly the case with Twenty Steps. The original idea began forming in mid-May and I mulled it over for a few weeks and then registered the domain mid-June. I still wasn’t sure of the content (see the Origins post) and it wasn’t until August that the site went live.

Hold on a second – I’m just nipping off to Wikipedia to see what the definition of procrastination is…

OK, I’m back. Anyway, by the time I went live in August the idea of selling ad blocks had been put onto the backburner. Maybe it was something I’d do once the site took off but it wasn’t part of the immediate plan so you can imagine my surprise when yesterday I received an email from Stephen Francis Brady announcing the launch of his new enterprise Step Up To A Million – a website which is selling ad blocks starting at �1 and doubling 21 times to �1M. You know what else? Stephen is also an actor.

Nurse! Fetch me that 6 foot feather. I demand to be knocked down immediately.

Stephen also runs another site called the Pixelwood Wall of Fame which is based on the Million Dollar Homepage but is aimed at actors or companies involved in the UK film industry. Around the same time that the Wall of Fame started a similar idea called Casting Cubes was launched. It looks like Wall of Fame is winning that particular head-to-head.

I wish Stephen well with his new venture. I’ll certainly be watching it’s progress very carefully. I think that if he reaches the magic million mark that I’ll be seeking therapy and a cure for my planning procrastination.

So in the spirit of things, Step Three is a simple one. I’m selling the 150×50 ad block under the Challenge thermometer for $8.

  • Ad block will stay in place for the life of this site
  • No competitive ads will appear in the side bar
  • The ad cannot link to any illegal or immoral site
  • Customer to provide the ad block – no scripts, Flash or animated images
  • My decision is final on what appears

If you’re interested in purchasing the ad block, drop me a line via the Contact form letting me know your details and the URL the ad will point to. The deadline for submissions is Friday August 25th.

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