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September Musing

September 10th, 2007 · No Comments

After a busy 6-8 weeks both on and offline, I think I’m now back in the blogging zone again. The web projects I was working on for a couple of clients are now pretty much finished, I’ve only got a couple of days filming left to do on a movie I’ve been involved with since the start of the year and my new computer seems to be behaving itself ever since I installed some more memory although it has to be said that Vista really does suck!

So it’s a chance for me to catch up on my feeds, look through various bookmarks and get back up to speed with what’s happening in the world of online marketing.

It’s also a chance for me to reflect on how the traditional summer slump has affected not just my earnings but also my desire to continue blogging.

I guess in a lot of ways I lost focus because the money was coming in from offline sources so the immediate need to earn money online wasn’t as critical but, as I’ve said before, the whole purpose of what I’m trying to do is to create and sustain a regular income flow from websites and blogs to supplement my acting career so a very valuable lesson has been learnt. Don’t lose focus!

Another lesson, and one that Yaro reinforces in his free eBook, is that it’s important to find suitable recursive affiliate income. In other words, affiliate programs that pay out based on monthly subscriptions rather than one-off action based programs. To an extent Text Link Ads falls into that category but it would be foolish to assume that you can build a blog or website and forget about it. Unless you’re regularly updating the site or maintaining your Alexa rank and PageRank, advertisers won’t necessarily renew each month.

Why is this important? Well because my income dropped significantly over the summer months. This will be partly due to traffic levels dropping but also because I was/am too reliant on revenue-per-action programs rather than the recursive affiliate methods suggested by Yaro.

Fewer visitors=fewer clicks=fewer dollars.

I’m not just talking about AdSense here. I’m talking about traditional affiliate programs such as the ones you can sign up for with the likes of Clickbank or Commission Junction. You require people to view your site, click on the links and make a purchase in order to make any money so if you don’t think you can invest as much time into your site as you’d like to because of outside influences, it’s vital that you find ways to make money each and every month regardless of your own physical input.

So I’m now looking at various different methods to achieve this and will be refocusing on these over the coming months.

What else has my offline time taught me? Well one of the blindingly obvious things that was reinforced over the last couple of months is something that I’ve written about previously in my Train Of Thought post. Not everyone understands how affiliate marketing works or how writing a blog can result in you making money. A number of people I spoke with simply didn’t have a clue so the next lesson was don’t dismiss an idea as being unworkable just because every blog you read says so. As far as the blog writing fraternity go, it probably would be unworkable but they/we only account for a minuscule percentage of the web users out there.

Finally remember that writing is a skill and like any skill, you need to practice regularly to improve. Equally the less you do it, the worse you become. This post is probably a good example. Having not written much over the last few months, I find myself struggling to put together a string of coherent sentences whereas previously I could write in a flowing style without stopping every two minutes.

I read on a blog post recently (can’t remember where but if someone can find it, I’ll add a link) that you should forget what people tell you about publishing something every day. That’s the wrong approach. The key thing is to write every day. It may well be a draft for a future blog post or it could be a reworking of an old post. You don’t need to publish something just for the sake of keeping your blog up to date but you do need to write every day.

So to recap, the lessons learnt over the summer:

  1. Maintain focus
  2. Find recursive affiliate income
  3. Never dismiss an idea as being unworkable
  4. Write every day

How have you found the summer? Have your earnings dropped? Have you struggled to keep your blog alive? Did you lose your blogging mojo?

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