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Search Engine Submissions

August 15th, 2006 · 2 Comments

I read an article a few weeks back which suggested that it was not wise to use automated search engine submission tools. The logic behind it was that you’ll end up with a load of low PR sites linking to you and it could appear as if you’re involved in some kind of link farming activity which Google frown upon. Following my recent discovery of Google’s Aging Delay also known as the sandbox, this makes sense. I just wish I’d kept the original article to refer back to and credit the author…

Automated submission tools obviously speed up the process of getting your site out there but my current view is that I want to stay out of the sandbox for as long as I can. The thought of discovering what looks like a half eaten Mars bar in the sand scares me….Also I used an automated tool for one of my sites and am now bombarded with junk mail as a result. How do I know it’s from the auto submission people? I created a specific email account just for them. The buggers.

With that in mind I’ve drawn up my hit list of search engines and directories I wish to hit and have planned my submissions. I’m looking to do this over a two month period. This might sound crazy to some people but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no quick way of getting traffic to your site or achieving a decent PR within Google. The discovery of the sandbox has only reinforced what I already knew. It takes you months to become an overnight sensation.

Personally I don’t like adding links on any of my sites because I have to. Links are good. Forced links are bad. The kind of link I’m talking about is where you submit your website to a directory service and they say “It’s free but you’ll need to place one of our buttons on your website. Once you’ve done that we’ll come back and add it to our directory within the next 9 months“. Links on my sites are there because they’ve earned them. It’s because they add value so screw you, Mr Directory. I’m not going to advertise and effectively endorse your product for 9 months on the basis of the fact you might add me to your directory.

The two lists I’m working off are from Free Web Submission and The Friday Traffic Report. FWS does offer an automated service should you choose to use it. Personally I won’t be and will be submitting manually. I’ve only read a couple of pages on TFTR but there looks to be some interesting articles on there. One to watch but not necessarily to link to 😉

So once I’ve waded through this list I’ll post back on here in a couple of months time with my findings. Obviously if anyone else has some great search engines or directories that they’d like to suggest, fire away and drop ’em off in the suggestions box marked ‘Comments’.

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