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Matt Cutts – The Enforcer

September 11th, 2007 · 16 Comments

I’ve spoken a couple of times over the last few weeks about the paid links debate that has been raging ever since the SES San Jose showdown between Google’s Matt Cutts and Graywolf’s Michael Gray. I’m not going to go over old ground again but follow up an article written by Tim Nash entitled Is selling links a crime?

When Tim published the article, I had a good chuckle at the accompanying image and sent him a message suggesting that he Photoshop Matt’s head onto the policemen. Tim decided against the idea so, since I had a few hours to kill this afternoon, I thought I’d have a bit of fun myself.

Matt Cutts says paid links are bad, m'kay?

Incidentally, in the spirit of giving something back to the community, I’ve also created a downloadable wallpaper to remind you every day that paid links are bad, m’kay?

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