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Making the first dollar

August 5th, 2006 · No Comments

OK so let’s start at the basics. You’re looking to make some money online. Where do you start? You’ve done some research, read about affiliate schemes and seen loads of the cut and paste “Get Rich Quick” sites but where to begin? Well that’s easy.

I’ll go into greater detail about affiliate schemes and other pay per click revenue streams in later posts but the easiest place to begin is by using Google AdSense.

How does AdSense work? Advertisers buy x number of adverts from Google and they place them on sites whose content matches the adverts. Every time someone clicks on one of the adverts, the publisher gets paid and the advertiser gets more traffic.

The amount of money you can earn as a publisher can be a couple of cents or it could be a couple of dollars. Either way, if someone clicks on one of the AdSense adverts on your website, you get paid money.

Now before you get too excited, let’s just clarify a couple of things here.

  1. Never ever click on your own AdSense adverts. You will have your AdSense account cancelled and Google will not give you a second chance.
  2. Never tell your customers to click on the AdSense adverts. This is against Google’s Terms of Service (TOS) and you’ll get your account cancelled.
  3. Tell your friends and family that they’re not helping you by clicking on the ads – they’re going to get you in trouble too.
  4. Don’t use any automated clickbots. It’ll be bye-bye AdSense account before you know it.
  5. Don’t try to cheat the system in any way. Google will punish you.

There are a number of rules you need to follow to use AdSense on your page but provided you follow them you can start earning money from your website on Day One. Well that’s assuming that you’ve got traffic coming to your website but we’ll cover traffic generation in another post.

AdSense isn’t the only Pay Per Click (PPC) option out there but it’s the most widely known and people recognise the Google brand. It’s entry level stuff and there are smarter ways to make money but it’s as good a starting point as any.

I’ll look at AdSense in greater depth in future posts.

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