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Making Money with AuctionAds

May 23rd, 2007 · 1 Comment

Finding an alternative to AdSense is an important part of making money from your website. There’s nothing wrong with AdSense as such but, as I’ve said before, putting all your eggs in one basket isn’t a particularly clever idea. Besides, your earnings can fluctuate wildly with AdSense so it’s good to have other ways of making money.

My love affair with Text Link Ads is no secret. Hell I’d marry these guys if I could but I must admit that I’ve been unfaithful. I’ve been playing around behind their backs with someone else and, if I’m honest, it feels good.

AuctionAds is a relatively new venture by ShoeMoney. You’ll possibly be familiar with the Shoemeister thanks to his infamous AdSense check that regularly features on websites about making money. Well the idea behind AuctionAds is a very simple one and it’s one that you can get running on your website or blog in minutes.

Everyone is familiar with the online auction company eBay, right? Well they offer an affiliate program through Commission Junction whereby every time you introduce a buyer to eBay you get paid a commission. The more buyers you introduce to eBay, the higher your commission payouts. All pretty straight forward so far.

Well what AuctionAds does is leverage the collective power of it’s own affiliate network and instantly puts you onto eBays highest commission structure meaning that you start earning a decent commission from day one. Even if you only refer one buyer to eBay, you’ll get paid as if you’d referred 100.

You can place your AuctionAds on the same page as AdSense because it’s not a competing service, you can run as many ads on a page as you like and the payment threshold is a much more acceptable $10. You chose what keywords fit your website or blog and the AuctionAds code does the rest.

I’ll say now that it works best for sites that have a matching eBay category set. Twenty Steps, for example, wouldn’t be a good match because it covers subjects that don’t necessarily have an eBay market. However I’ve just installed it on a sports site of mine and have started to see some returns so if you’re blogging about technology, fashion, books, cars, films – heck anything apart from making money – there’s a good chance that you’ll earn some money.

AuctionAds Tip: If you’re struggling to find the right keywords to use on your ads, use the AuctionAds URL converter. Navigate to the section on eBay that you’re interested in, copy the URL into the converter and then paste this as your link on your site. Here’s an example: eBay DVDs. Using this technique you can replicate AdSense text links in a matter of minutes.

It’s free to join and if you needed any more encouragement, they’re currently offering new affiliates a $5 sign up bonus so head on over to AuctionAds and check it out. Let me know how you get on.
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