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Let The Challenge Begin

August 7th, 2006 · 2 Comments

It’s Monday 7th August 2006 and the Twenty Steps Challenge has begun!

The Challenge for those too lazy to click on the link above is to double my money twenty times to make a million dollars. I have set myself a time limit of one year to achieve the goal. Now I fully expect to crash and burn along the way and lose all the money I’ve earned but I’m hoping that I’ll end up on a roll somewhere down the line and double my money twenty consecutive times and end up with the Big One!

Today saw the first attempt at The Challenge. Clutching my 50p in my hand, I challenged my housemate to a game of heads or tails. The premise was simple. I put my 50p on the table. He had to put his 50p on the table and the winner walked away with the money. Pretty simple stuff, eh?

Well it would have been had we been able to quickly agree who would call. I thought that because it’s my Challenge that I should call. He thought that he should call since I challenged him. We thought about tossing a coin to see who should call. In the end I backed down and let him call. He called heads. He lost. I won! Yay!

So there you have it. Step One completed. I have doubled my money once and am now the proud owner of two shiny fifty pence pieces. According to the Universal Currency Converter, I only actually have $1.90438 but you know what? I’m going to call it $2.

Now I just need to come up with an idea how to double that to $4. The Rules of The Challenge mean I can’t play heads or tails again in this attempt so I need to come up with something else and I think I might just have done that but I’m not going to tell you today 😉

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