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I Think I Love Sarah East

February 13th, 2008 · 2 Comments

Sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks but I was busy shooting the zombie movie and, like an idiot, forgot to write anything to publish in my absence. Bad Mike.

Filming went well. I’ll write a bit more about it when I’ve finished washing fake blood out of all my clothes but I have to say that I am eternally grateful to the folks who contributed schwag to the cause. I’ll give everyone a big shout out either here or on the official site when it’s launched but thanks to their generosity our zombies were the best dressed zombies to ever walk the earth in search of brains :)

I would show you some pictures from the shoot but, like the numb nuts I am, I forgot to charge my camera before I went so it’ll have to wait until I get the CD from one of the other guys in the production team.

So what have I missed? My feed reader is full to overflowing, my Inbox is bulging (was it International Spam Day last Thursday, by the way?) and I have a gazillion pages to Stumble. Can anyone fill me in on anything I might have missed in the world of search, Internet marketing or the Weird Wide Web? You know the kind of thing I’m after. One of those “30 words or less to win the prize” kind of recap of the last couple of weeks.

Finally, before I head off with Sherpa Tenzing to tackle Mount Inbox, I need to put something on record. Last night when I got in, I watched back to back episodes of the PopCrunch Show for about an hour. Now I’m not a big celeb gossip kinda guy and, in truth, I’ve not heard of half the people she was talking about but I think I’ve fallen in love with Sarah East. She’s cute, she’s sassy and she’s got a great sense of comic timing. I wonder if she wants to be in a zombie movie…

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