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Bonjour, Hallo, Ciao, Hola

November 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Bonjour à tous les visiteurs de France. J’espère que vous appréciez votre sejour!

Don’t worry, I haven’t gone mad. I’m just experimenting with a little bit of multi culturalism, that’s all. You see one of my old posts has just been picked up by a French website and has sent me over a thousand new visitors in the last 24 hours. is a popular French website about Web 2.0, SEO, blogging and entrepreneurship. It’s a PR6 site (not that we talk about PR any more on Twenty Steps..ahem..), with an Alexa Ranking 45,234 and it has over 8000 RSS subscribers. They picked up on my spoof article about getting on the front page of Google and it would appear that, despite what people say, the French have got a sense of humour 😉

I’d always ignored the suggestion of including foreign language translations in the past because I really couldn’t see the benefit but I’m starting to come round to the idea. English isn’t everyones first language so would including alternative language translations possibly increase readership, RSS subscriptions or potentially advertising revenue?

Have you included translated versions of your pages? Have they worked? What benefits have you found? What pitfalls?

P.S. Thanks to Babel Fish for the language translation service. It probably translates to “my mother is a goat” or something but it’s better than relying on my secondary school French!

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