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Feeding Time

March 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Today I have been confused three times. I’m sure there have been plenty of other occasions but I can specifically remember three and all of them have been whilst using my feed reader.

Personally I don’t like partial feeds. I know there are some valid reasons for publishing them but, unless I’ve already bought into the author, I will ditch a partial feed in a heartbeat so you can imagine my surprise/dismay/confusion (delete where applicable) when I was tucking into what I believed to be a full feed only to get to the end and think “Is that it? Surely he/she can’t have finished the post like that. They must have switched to partial feed and I need to read the rest on their site” only to discover that, in fact, that was it. There was no more to read.

The blogosphere is full of debate about full feed vs. partial feed so let’s just add into that mix the full feed which looks like a partial feed because the author hasn’t clearly defined the end…ermm…feed.

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