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Every Breath You Take

August 4th, 2007 · No Comments

Nearly there! Almost at the end of this long old list. Maybe next year I’ll just do one big list, eh? Anyway we’re into May which seems like it was only a few months ago…

What did I whitter on blog about in May? Well let’s see…

  • Use Your Alexa Rank to Make Money – The Alexa experiment is still ongoing but the proof is in the stats. When I wrote the article this site was sitting at 369,523 and now it’s moved to 112,162. One of my other sites has gone from 5,542,913 to 690,697 and gets a nice monthly return from Text Link Ads so the theory works.
  • When SEO Goes Bad – How a site I worked on a couple of years ago is still scoring well in the SERPs using old fashioned SEO techniques. I can only put it down to them being in a very niche market. Other than that I can’t explain…
  • 7 Reasons I Love Text Link Ads – I’m putting together a post about earnings at the moment and TLA account for a large percentage. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go all John Chow on you and show you figures or anything but it’s been an interesting 12 months for me as I play around with different money making options so I hope that it will be of interest to you. Expect to see it next week.
  • Google Is Evil. Get Over It – One of my first Stumbles 😀 The fact is that no matter what you think about the Big G, they rule the roost at the moment and will do for some time so it’s all about working with them.
  • Link Policy 2.0 – Having a linking strategy is important to the overall success of your blog or website. Reading this post again reminded me that I really need to put together the resources page in the header.
  • Vive La Evolution – Clarity and focus. All in one post. Am I still living up to what I preached? Only you can tell me that…
  • Making Money With Auction Ads – AuctionAds have recently been purchased so it’ll be interesting to see how the product develops.
  • What have American Idol, Wayne’s World and ShoeMoney got in common? – Looking at the whole disclosure argument. I’ve been thinking some more about it recently and am still of the opinion that on most of my sites I’m happy with the way I do things (i.e. not making a fuss about disclosure) but I’m wondering whether I should make a change here. What do you think?

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