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Comment Policy

Twenty Steps embraces the DoFollow philosophy. This is thanks to the DoFollow WordPress plugin from those lovely chaps at Semiologic.

Enabling DoFollow on all comments means that every time you leave a comment, a little trickle of Google juice comes your way. I’ve done this because I think it’s nice to reward the people who take the time out of their busy day to leave a comment.

I tend not to moderate comments but there will always be some people who try to abuse the system so, just so we’re all clear, you’ll appear on my radar and probably end up in the big spam bucket I keep next to the computer if your comment falls into any of these categories:

  • Links to offensive sites. If you wouldn’t show your mother the site, the chances are it falls into this category.
  • Links to scraper sites. If you’re stealing other peoples content in the hope of making a few dollars from AdSense then I hope you die a horrible death. However, even if you live to be one hundred, you won’t get any Google juice from me.
  • Affiliate links. Not big, not clever, not here.
  • Irrelevant comment just to get a link. If all you can say is “Nice blog. Look at mine” then move along. There’s nothing to see here.
  • Signing your name as “Debt Free Consolidation Loan” or similar will book you a one way ticket to Nowheresville. Please use your real name and not the name of your site or some “cunning” anchor text.

Ultimately I just want you to play nicely. Stick to the rules and everyone is happy.

A big shout out to the DoFollow Evangelist Andy Beard and the Master Baiter Lyndon Antcliff for extolling the virtues of DoFollow. I have seen the light and it is good.