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Blogger and AdSense news

August 15th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Firstly Google have announced Blogger Beta. It’s a new version of the software which promises a whole heap of new features to help it compete against some of the more established platforms. Blog Bloke has had a look around the new product and you can have a read of his initial excitement and subsequent road testing on his blog.

Secondly, you may recall my post last week about the benefits of Blogger. Well I put my new Blogger site online Thursday, posted a couple of welcome type messages and then put some of my theory into practice this morning. I created a post about Time Magazines Top 50 websites and, the last time I checked, I’d had over 100 hits to the site. Not bad for a site that nobody knows about 😀

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a story with some very specific content with a view to it being picked up on Google within a couple of days. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Now before anyone accuses me of splogging, the content of the other blog is very much unique and is not designed purely to generate revenue through affiliate ads or AdSense although I equally won’t turn it away 😉 I’m not packing it with keywords or phrases to try to spam the search engines and artifically increase my AdSense earnings, I am writing articles about current news items and not simply cutting and pasting other peoples content.

Finally, whilst on the subject of AdSense, it’s now 11 days consecutive earnings. I’m still not going to get rich overnight but, as I said in my earlier post today, it’s going to take some months to become an overnight sensation.

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