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Blog Profits Blueprint – Review

June 12th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Make Money With Your Blog - The Blog Profits Blueprint

I’ve been a reader of Yaro Starak for some time now. His site was one of the first that I subscribed to when I got interested in making money through blogging and I always find his posts well written and enlightening.

I also subscribe to his blogging tips newsletter so when I received an email from him announcing the launch of his free eBook, I couldn’t resist and had to download it.

Blog Profits Blueprint might only be 55 pages but it is packed with useful information including how to chose your topic, how to build your blog through writing pillar articles, how to market your blog and how to get more traffic. It also goes on to cover the different ways to make money with your blog and how to do it month after month.

Whilst I was reading through it I made notes on some of the specific pages which I felt were of particular interest:

  • The benefits of blogs over traditional websites (page 9)
  • Why the rich bloggers get richer and what you can do about it (page 27)
  • Setting realistic financial goals (page 38)
  • Why recursive affiliate programs are the key to long term financial success (page 40)
  • The main reasons why most bloggers fail (page 48)
  • How to cope with information overload (page 50)

If you’ve read any sites about making money with your blog, a lot of the information will not be new but what Yaro manages to do is pull all of those strategies into one place and then provide some exceptional ideas on how to implement them.

Yaro currently makes around $5000 per month with his blogs and is about to launch the Blog Mastermind program to help people make a living through blogging which is why he’s giving his eBook away free of charge.

There is also an affiliate program for the Blog Mastermind program so if anyone downloads the free eBook and later subscribes to the full package you can earn a recurring commission.

I’ve read a whole heap of eBooks on how to make money online and most of them are absolute crap but this one isn’t. Yaro Starak is a well known and respected blogger who not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He’s not giving away any trade secrets and nor is he promising to. He’s simply delivering straight forward advice in an easy to read way.

Download your free copy of Blog Profits Blueprint

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