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AOL just made it a whole lot easier

August 8th, 2006 · 1 Comment

It’s all over the web. You can’t miss it. AOL have released search data which will make some of SEO guys a bundle of cash. 20 million searches by 650,000 users = big dollars. I’m downloading the data as I type thanks to the link on SEO Book (more links are available on Marc Hil Macaluas site). I don’t know how much it will help someone like me – I’m small time – but I reckon the guys who are SEO 24/7 will be pissing their pants laughing right now.

Some interesting early feedback by Markus Frind at which shows one AOL user who is planning to kill his wife which opens up a moral question. At what point should AOL hand over the information to the authorities?

Google powers AOL Search so expect a change to the Google search algorithm very soon…

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