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AdSense Tips

October 12th, 2006 · 1 Comment

Forget what you might have read in those ‘Get Rich Quick’ eBooks, you’re not going to make millions overnight using Google AdSense. The only people that get rich from those books are the people that sold them to you. However you can still make a few dollars from AdSense.

I’m not an AdSense guru by any stretch of the imagination. I’m someone who has come into AdSense over the last few months and seen the pennies trickling in. There are no pictures of $10,000 cheques on this site. However, I have been playing around with AdSense on a variety of different sites I run to see what works and what doesn’t. On the whole, the results are pretty much the same across the board so I thought I’d share this with you.

Firstly, Google is your friend. They want you to succeed using AdSense. If you succeed, they succeed and get closer to their goal of world domination . The AdSense heatmap is invaluable. Print it off, stick it on your wall immediately behind your monitor so you don’t forget the basics when creating a new site.

Next up, girth beats length every time. I’ve played around with long and thin adverts and I’ve played around with short and fat adverts. Wider ad formats outperform on every one of my sites. I recently changed the entire layout on one of my sites so I could experiment with the 728×90 leaderboard. I’d never used it before preferring the 468×60 banner. Within a week my CTR had increased 300%!

You’ll have read this a million times before but blend your ads. You have the option within AdSense to define your colour scheme so use it. Get the ads to look like part of your content. It decreases ad blindness and increases CTR. If you are looking for the ultimate blend, lose the ‘Advertise on this site’ text. You can do this by going into your control panel and removing the ‘Onsite Advertiser Signup’ option.

When integrating ads in your content do it sparingly! Sure, Google allow you to have 3 ad blocks on a page but look at it from the point of view of your reader. They see 3 ads on a page and they switch off. To prove that I created a page with 3 ads. Left it online for a month and then reduced the ad count to 1. Result? Double the CTR.

No borders. It goes back to the blending point above but putting a border around your ad screams ADVERT to your reader so don’t do it. Ever.

Using images is a great way of increasing CTR. Be careful how you blend so you keep it within Google’s TOS. Ensure you have borders around your pics but images certainly draw attention to the ads. Obviously use pictures that go with the theme of your site. I’ve noticed an increased CTR where I’m blending pics but only where it’s applicable. Again, look at the site as if you were visiting it. Do the pics enhance or detract? A pic in this post, for example, would not work. There are no other images in the post so it attracts attention for the wrong reason.

If you’ve not already done so, sign up to Digital Point for some excellent AdSense advice. All of the above was taken from posts on the forum and then implemented into my own sites to see if it worked. There are some other tips I’ll be working one over the next couple of months and I’ll report back once I’ve finished experimenting.

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