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A shaggy IKEA dog story

September 1st, 2006 · No Comments

As well as spending the last couple of days looking at The Big G’s self love policy, I continued with my Technorati tagging experiment which I first made mention of in my Benefits of Blogger post.

On Wednesday night I pootled over to Technorati to see what the hot searches and tags were. IKEA dog was top of the pile for both. I looked at the search results and was surprised to see that despite it being #1 hot search, there were hardly any posts about it. Well, I had to put that right didn’t I? 😉

I posted a really short article about it on the Twenty Steps Blogger site. Short. Sweet. Link to the picture. Bagged it. Tagged it. Went to bed. I didn’t know how popular the IKEA dog would be the next day. I kinda figured I might miss the boat on this one.

Yesterday I received over 150 hits to the Blogger site via people searching for IKEA dog on Technorati. Now in the grand scheme of things that’s not a lot of visitors and, to be honest, the AdSense revenue wasn’t a big deal. BUT, and here’s the interesting twist that I hadn’t expected, as the day went on I noticed more people arriving at the site via email links. My post had gone viral.

OK. 150 people isn’t a lot. I’m not claiming it is but let’s remember that the Blogger site is an experimental site. I’m not looking to create a site with steady traffic or stickiness. I expect visitors to the site to be first and probably last time visitors. They might click an ad, they might not. I don’t care. It’s about using different techniques for traffic generation and SERPs. Call it my sandobox.

The Blogger site normally gets 10 visitors a day if it’s lucky so to jump from 10 to 150 is massive. Imagine if I did something similar on a site which had good traffic levels with regular visitors. I doubt the increase would be as much as 1500% but it’s something to mull over isn’t it?

One final point. I find it all very bizarre that the IKEA dog is still #2 on Technorati. Is the internet obsessed with a dog with an unusually large wanger?

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