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5 SEO tips

August 30th, 2006 · 2 Comments

As I said in the comments section of my Information Overload post, I’ve got a folder in my favourites marked “Need To Read”. These are various websites or email links that I’ve been sent that contain snippets of information that I thought would be of benefit both to myself and to anyone who reads Twenty Steps and is looking to make their website more profitable.

This is the first in what is likely to be a long line of articles where I share the SEO hints, tips and tricks that I’ve picked up. Over time I’ll try to put them into one post or series but in the meanwhile here’s the first 5.

  • The best keyword phrases are 3-5 words in length. You tend to get more channelled traffic through these and it’s easier to get better SERPS. SEO Book have an excellent keyword tool on their site. (Source – Kim Roach)
  • Everyone knows that inbound links are key to your SERPS. UrlTrends offers a free link popularity service for the main 8 search engines. There is a subscription option but the basic service is free. (Source – Kim Roach)
  • Post comments on Google Answers. As I said in my benefits of Blogger post, Google scores pages within it’s own services very highly and this is no exception. Don’t be put off with the bit which says “Set your price”. That’s for the person asking the question, not the one giving the answer. (Source – Alexis Dawes)
  • The Craigslist website is an excellent way to promote your business. It’s a free classifieds site which has billions of visitors each month. Ads that appear here regularly appear on Google and Yahoo. It definitely does work – I’ve used it for a couple of my older sites and saw the traffic soar. (Source – Kim Roach)
  • Article submission has long been regarded as a good way to get one way links but very few people know how to submit articles affectively. Fortunately Mike Pham does and has written an article called exactly that. (Source – Mike Pham)

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