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10 reasons why Santa is the best internet marketer

December 20th, 2006 · No Comments

Santa would be the best internet marketer ever

Ho Ho Ho and all that. The festering festive season is nearly upon us and everyone is thinking about taking it easy and enjoying their Christmas breaks.

Well not quite everyone. For one guy, it’s about to be the busiest day of the year. Millions of children around the world will wake up on Christmas morning with a stocking full of gifts courtesy of good ol’ Santa.

The thing is, he only works one day a year so I figure that Santa is earning a few dollars on the side and I wouldn’t mind betting that he’s secretly an internet marketer.

You know what? If he is then he’s probably the best internet marketer on the planet.

1) He’s making a list. As any internet marketer will tell you, the list is one of the most important things.

2) He’s checking it twice. Double opt-in. Nice touch, Santa.

3) He’s got other people to do all the hard work for him. Labour distribution is the key, here. He gets the elves to do all the toy making and hard work behind the scenes whilst he gets to zoom around the world drinking sherry, eating mince pies and taking all the credit.

4) Niche market. He doesn’t mess around dabbling in anything else. He’s laser focused on the Christmas Eve toy distribution market. He found a niche and absolutely nailed it to the point that nobody else would even consider trying to get into the market now.

5) Authority source. No doubts about it, if you want to know about delivering Christmas gifts around the world in just a handful of hours, who else are you going to ask?

6) Great search engine profile. Type Santa into Google and you get 331 million results. Man this guy is good.

7) Good brand reinforcement. See a fat guy with a white beard wearing a red coat, who do you immediately think of? Exactly.

8) Global distribution. This guy has absolutely sewn up global distribution in a way that no other shipping organisation could even dream of. A billion toys distributed worldwide on one single night? Hats off to the big fella.

9) Affiliate sales force. He doesn’t even bother getting his hands dirty with selling the Santa brand, he’s got millions of parents out there doing it for him. Inspired work!

10) Know your customers. This is where he scores heavily. He knows exactly what his customers want and delivers it. Well unless his customer has been naughty, of course.

So there you have it. Forget all these other internet marketing ‘gurus’. Santa is yer man!

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