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10 Deadly Sins Of Blogging

November 8th, 2006 · 2 Comments

It’s Wednesday night, nothings on the TV so I’m wading through my pile of unread emails, RSS feeds and bookmarked sites and I just came across some great blogging advice.

First up is Neil Patels 5 deadly sins of blogging post which is closely followed by Stuntdubls ingeniously titled 5 more deadly sins of blogging.

I must admit that I’m guilty of Neils first deadly sin because I haven’t made any changes to Ainslies excellent theme. I’ve been busy, OK? I’ll get round to an update soon.

Todd at Stuntdubl suggests that when linking to other posts you should use some prime anchor text so Neil has got big boobs and Todd has a nice beard. Does that count? 😉

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